The UNLOCK Heroic Adventures Card Game

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The UNLOCK Heroic Adventures Card Game for adults and kids.

Players in “Insert Coin” have to overcome numerous levels of video game adventures. Players aid Sherlock Holmes in solving a particularly peculiar case in “Sherlock Holmes – The Scarlet Thread of Murder.” As they assist Alice in escaping, players in “In Pursuit of the White Rabbit” are introduced to Wonderland’s bizarre residents. With the aid of a special Tutorial Adventure and many levels of difficulty, UNLOCK is simple to understand and play. The free companion app allows users to enter codes, communicate with machines, and receive instructions to encourage integrated gameplay.

UNLOCK! Heroic Adventures Card Game _ Escape Room Games for Adults and Kids _ Mystery Games for Family Game Night _ Ages 10 and up _ 1-6 Players _ Average Playtime 1 Hour _ Made by Space Cowboys
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