How to download sweat coin APK

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Sweat Economy is Sweat coin logical evolution. SWEAT is a next-generation cryptocurrency that is universal, open, and fair. It will include the next billion people in Web 3.0 and contribute to global GDP. The SWEETCOIN APK file can be downloaded on the main website or you used the main button below. You can add the contract address 0xb4b9dc1c77bdbb135ea907fd5a08094d98883a35 in your metamask.

sweetcoin proof of earnings

SWEAT is only produced by the verifiable movement. As a result, a steady stream of users boosts minting “input” (steps). The input increases as the number of users rise. The input increases exponentially with a change in user habits, with all users walking more as a result of motivation and rewards.

More steps will be needed to mint each SWEAT than the previous one. In order to realize our goal of increasing physical activity around the world, SWEAT will become more difficult to mint over time. This not only encourages people to move as soon as possible because their activity produces more SWEAT today than tomorrow, but it also protects the usefulness of SWEAT as a mode.

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