suertres lotto 9 pm result summary July 2022


Check the previous results of the suertres lotto 9 pm result summary July 2022 from PCSO Philippines. You can check previous lotto summary results ultralotto 6/58, grand lotto 6/55, superlotto 6/49, megalotto 6/45, lotto 6/42 as of July 01 – 31, 2022.

Check for the previous results of suertres lotto 11 am and 4 PM.

Suertres Lotto 9 PM Summary July 01-31, 2022


To purchase suertres 9 pm lotto tickets or cash out your Lotto winnings, you must be at least 18 years old.

The 20.00 play price includes the document stamp tax of 20% (DST).

Players are solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information on their tickets, including the kind of wager, the stake amount, the draw date, and the numbers they wish to play.

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