Silvio Soldan conducted Great Values ​​of Tango again, Silvia appeared and everything got out of control


Silvio Soldan was surprised by Silvia Saller while conducting Grandes valores del tango and his face gave him away.

Silvio Soldan and Silvia were one of the most mediatic couples in the show since they met in the 80s. Love was born when they started working together on the successful program Grandes valores del tango that he was driving. She joined as a secretary and they fell in love to such an extent that they had a son, Christian Soldán, who is 31 years old today.

The truth is that the relationship between them did not end well, to the point that Justice took possession of her son from Silvia Salller and they were never able to rebuild the bond. Now, Silvio Soldán returned to directing Grandes valores del tango and the appearance of Fátima Florez in the role of Silvia surprised everyone.

Hello, how are you? Did you miss me? the character asked Silvio Soldán.Look, there is no roulette here, as the host clarifies, alluding to the roulette wheel that the program had at the time. I want to get my hands on the bolillero, she replied, appealing to the double meaning.

Can we find out who brought you here? was Silvio Soldan question. I miss you, almost 40 years have passed since we met. I know I said many ugly things to you,” she admitted. For me it is a delight to have you here in this special that we are doing, athe driver retorted.

After all, you had to do with Grandes valores del tango, Soldán acknowledged.  A Yes, I started here,she added. “I remember your parade, the driver told her and invited her to the parade like in the old days.

In Socios del Espectáculo (El Trece) they showed the fragment of the program and celebrated that Silvio Soldán had taken the situation with such a sense of humor. “In another time, Silvio would not have even talked about this, aPallares pointed out. On her side, Mariana Brey expressed her desire that the real Silvia Saller be present in the next program.

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