Simple And Creative Game Wired Headset


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Product information:

Model: Xuanjing player H6
Type: Gaming Headset
Headphone sampling frequency: 48kHz
Headphone frequency response: 20Hz—20kHz
Headphone speaker impedance: 32Q+15%
Headphone jack: USB
Microphone core: condenser microphone
Microphone sensitivity: -40dB+3dB Microphone directivity: omnidirectional


1. All-round restoration of game space sound effects
Whether it’s a roar of war or turbulence, it can present you with real sound effects, bringing you an immersive battle enjoyment.
2. Powerful drive 50MM super sound field
The headset adopts a 50MM super large drive unit, and the sound transmission is surging and clear, not only playing games but also watching movies and listening to music.
Completely enjoy high-fidelity and delicate sound quality
3. Three EQ equalizer modes game movie music
The exclusive scene mode adjusted by the non-Vandi audio laboratory,
Just press the button on the controller to switch

Packing list:

1*Gaming Headset

Additional information

Weight 0.33 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm





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