Phone Holder Compatible with All Phone Tablet 4.5”- 10.5”



Widely compatible with all 4.5″-10.5″ devices, including Android phones, Samsung Tab, iPhone, iPad, and Switch. Thick Case Acceptable. This product enables thicker and larger mobile phones compared to others that only accept 4 to 8-inch phones.

The ergonomic design efficiently lessens neck strain. The height may be readily adjusted from 8.5 to 12.6 inches, with a 180° angle adjustment. perfectly satisfy your various viewing requirements. No physical stress even after prolonged use.

A better aluminum alloy rod, a larger base (5.9″), and a thicker anti-skid cushion are all designed to provide stability and prevent accidents that could damage your phone.

The fastening area’s EXTRA non-slip pads firmly hold phones and tablets in place. Give your device the best possible defense against slips and scratches; compatible with thick cases.

You may charge at any moment without taking off the case thanks to thoughtful design. A more broad base supports larger phones and tablets. You may utilize it in any setting, whether you’re sitting, standing, or lying down, thanks to the adjustable height. You may lay the phone either horizontally or vertically with a nice view thanks to the flexible angle.

You can use it for more devices and situations thanks to the clever design and superior quality. Perfect for cooking, playing games, using Tik Tok INS, and Facetime. Enjoy your phone or tablet with powerful protection and convenient assistance.




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