PCSO superlotto results as of February 02, 2023


Are you looking for the latest lotto results in the Philippines? You’ve come to the right place! This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about today’s pcso lotto results. We’ll give you an overview of how to check your lotto numbers, what prizes are available, and how to claim them if you’re a winner. So read on and find out if today is your lucky day.

PCSO superlotto results as of February 02, 2023 game include superlotto, lotto42, 6d, 3d and 2d lotto.The major jackpot of superlotto is 29,700,000.00 php. Two winners of the major jackpot of megalotto worth 73,481,247.20 php.

You can check previous lotto results from February 01, 2023.

Superlotto 6/49 30-09-38-04-47-44 Jackpot 25,893,524.00 Winner 0

Lotto 6/42 02-27-16-29-04-19 Jackpot 5,940,000.00 Winner 1

6D Lotto 2-1-5-3-1-0 Jackpot 5,122,868.00  Winner 1

3D Lotto 2PM 1-0-4 Jackpot 4,500.00  Winner 577

3D Lotto 5PM 3-7-6 Jackpot 4,500.00  Winner 205

3D Lotto 9PM 2-8-1 Jackpot 4,500.00  Winner 596

2D Lotto 2PM 19-04 Jackpot 4,000.00  Winner 274

2D Lotto 5PM 24-17 Jackpot 4,000.00  Winner 45

2D Lotto 9PM 07-07 Jackpot 4,000.00  Winner 1045

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