One winner of Megalotto 6-45 January 02 Lotto Results


PCSO lotto results as of January 02, 2023 game include grandlotto, megalotto 45, 4d, 3d and 2d lotto.

You can check previous lotto results from December 31, 2022.

Pcso lotto results January 02 2023

Grand Lotto 6/55~~30-33-54-43-41-32~~Jackpot 123,065,224.80~~Winner 0

Megalotto 6/45~~04-26-38-15-34-17~~Jackpot 19,503,337.00~~Winner 1

4D Lotto~~9-3-8-9~~Jackpot 111,990.00~~Winner 7

3D Lotto 2PM 7-3-9~~Jackpot 4,500.00~~Winner 274

3D Lotto 5PM    7-0-0~~Jackpot 4,500.00 Winner 471

3D Lotto 9PM    1-4-7~~Jackpot 4,500.00    Winner 706

2D Lotto 2PM    21-03~~Jackpot 4,000.00 Winner 217

2D Lotto 5PM    26-16~~Jackpot 4,000.00 Winner 61

2D Lotto 9PM    09-31~~Jackpot 4,000.00 Winner 293

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