PCSO Superlotto one jackpot winner worth 18,765,983.80 milyon lotto results March 02, 2023


The lucky individual who won the March 02, 2023 PCSO Superlotto jackpot is now the proud recipient of 18,765,983.80 milyon. This massive win is sure to make a huge difference in their life. Not only will it provide financial security, but it will also open up countless doors of opportunity that were previously inaccessible. It is an incredibly humbling experience to win such a large sum of money, and this person is sure to be feeling extremely fortunate. Their win will no doubt be the talk of the town, and they will be the envy of many. It is certainly a life-changing event, and it will be exciting to see what they will do with the money. Congratulations to the lucky winner.

Lotto results March 02, 2023 game include superlotto,lotto 42, 6d, 4d, 3d and 2d lotto.The major jackpot of superlotto  6/49  is  18,765,983.80 php.You can check previous lotto results from March 01, 2023. 

lotto results march 02, 2023

Superlotto 6/49 20-30-35-28-18-21 Jackpot 18,765,983.80 Winner 1

Lotto 6/42 21-09-23-28-19-36 Jackpot 5,940,000.00 0

6D Lotto 6-0-5-6-4-8 Jackpot 4,134,638.04 0

3D Lotto 2PM 0-5-5 Jackpot 4,500.00 Winner 336

3D Lotto 5PM 5-9-9 Jackpot 4,500.00 Winner 124

3D Lotto 9PM 2-5-0 Jackpot 4,500.00 Winner 1225

2D Lotto 2PM 30-09 Jackpot 4,000.00 Winner 139

2D Lotto 5PM 08-22J Jackpot 4,000.00 Winner 267

2D Lotto 9PM 07-14J Jackpot  4,000.00 Winner 460

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