Macabre discovery: they find the body of two brothers and a dog in an advanced state of decomposition


Neighbors of the deceased warned the police about the absence of both several months ago. Once they entered the house, they found a creepy scene.

A woman was found dead next to the body of her brother, in a macabre discovery discovered this Thursday afternoon in Puerta 8, party of February 3, where Scientific Police personnel work to try to establish what happened.

According to the first transcendeds of the case, both bodies were found in the middle of a creepy scene, which also included the body of a dog.

It was a person who was not very communicative, but it caught our attention not to see her,” she told Crónica HD, a neighbor, who acknowledged that the people of the neighborhood had not seen the woman for at least five months.

As a result of the woman’s absence, they decided to call 911. Apparently, she would have died first, and then her brother died, who was younger than her and was bedridden.

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