Lotto Results March 13, 2023 grandlotto today draw

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Lotto results March 13, 2023 game include grandlotto,megalotto 6/45, 4d, 3d and 2d lotto.The major lotto jackpot today of grandlotto 6/55 P 29,700,000.00. You can check previous lotto results from March 13, 2023. 

Grand Lotto 6/5516-21-25-29-15-063/13/202329,700,000.000
Megalotto 6/4545-40-34-05-18-093/13/202312,249,552.000
4D Lotto7-7-0-4 3/13/202353,524.0016
3D Lotto 2PM8-8-7 3/13/20234,500.00226
3D Lotto 5PM4-9-0 3/13/20234,500.00168
3D Lotto 9PM9-0-4 3/13/20234,500.00472
2D Lotto 2PM25-29 3/13/20234,000.00258
2D Lotto 5PM27-24 3/13/20234,000.0096
2D Lotto 9PM18-11 3/13/20234,000.00223
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