Lotto Results March 04, 2023 6 Digit jackpot winner worth 4,184,638.00 php


The long-awaited 6-digit lotto draw finally took place today, with the jackpot prize of 4,184,638.00 php. After weeks of anticipation, the results were announced, and a lucky individual is now the proud owner of the grand prize. This is the first time in several months that a single winner has taken home the full jackpot. People from all over the country have been celebrating the news of the big win, with many hoping to experience the same fortune in the future. It’s truly a life-changing event that will be remembered for many years to come. This is a great way to kick off the month of March, and it serves to motivate more people to take part in future lotto draws. It’s time to purchase your tickets for the next draw and make your dreams of winning a reality!

Lotto results March 04, 2023 game include grandotto, lotto 6/42, 6d, 3d and 2d lotto.The major jackpot of grandotto 6/55  is 29,700,000.00.You can check previous lotto results from March 03, 2023. 

lotto results march 04, 2023

Grand Lotto 6/55 53-48-40-23-24-02 Jackpot 29,700,000.00 Winner 0

Lotto 6/42 03-06-26-37-35-18 Jackpot  8,149,079.40 Winner 0

6D Lotto 2-3-1-4-2-4 Jackpot  4,184,638.00 Winner 1

3D Lotto 2PM 4-8-2 Jackpot ,500.00 Winner 244

3D Lotto 5PM 9-7-4 Jackpot 4,500.00 Winner 211

3D Lotto 9PM 1-4-8 Jackpot 4,500.00 Winner 1155

2D Lotto 2PM 19-17 Jackpot 4,000.00 Winner 108

2D Lotto 5PM 09-05 Jackpot 4,000.00 Winner 281

2D Lotto 9PM 16-02 Jackpot Winner 314

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