How to make money in leveraged trading?


Leveraged trading is a way to earn big profits with a small amount of money.

For example, with 10,000 USD, you can only buy 10,000 USD worth of Bitcoin.

However, by applying 10 times leverage here, you will be able to buy 100,000 USD worth of bitcoins even at 10,000 USD.

Leverage can be used to great advantage when used at the right time.

However, leverage is a way of earning that can lead to large losses.

You will not actually be in debt with leveraged trading, but you will need to deposit additional funds to cover the shortfall.

Therefore, even if you want to make a big profit in virtual currency trading, leverage trading without knowledge and investment skills is not recommended.

After getting used to trading to some extent, try to trade with leverage little by little, such as 2 times.

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