Len Goodman


Len Goodman is widely known as a professional ballroom dancer, choreographer, and television personality from England. Born on April 25, 1944, in London, he started dancing at the tender age of nineteen. Since then, he has gained a notable reputation in the field of ballroom dancing worldwide.

Len Goodman is best known for his role as a head judge on the popular British television show, Strictly Come Dancing, also known as Dancing with the Stars in the United States. He was a judge on the show for twelve seasons, from 2004 until 2016, before departing from the show in 2016. Len brought a unique blend of knowledge, humor, and experience to the show, and he was always able to provide insightful and constructive feedback to the contestants.

Prior to his tenure as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, Len Goodman had a successful career as a competitive ballroom dancer. He won numerous competitions throughout his career and is the recipient of several awards. Len was a world-renowned dance teacher, and his expertise in ballroom dance was highly sought after around the world.

As a choreographer, Len Goodman has worked with various celebrities and dance companies, including The Royal Ballet. His contributions to the choreography world have been recognized with several awards and honours.

Len Goodman is not only an expert in ballroom dancing but also a versatile personality. He hosted many television shows and presented various programs, including documentaries on ballroom dancing. He has also been an ambassador for various charitable organizations.

In conclusion, Len Goodman is a prominent figure in the world of ballroom dance. His knowledge, experience, and contributions have earned him a high reputation and respect for his work. His legacy will forever impact the world of ballroom dancing and the audiences who have had the pleasure of experiencing his talent.

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