De Paul Rodrigo


DOHA (Special Envoy) — Rodrigo De Paul played 48 of the 54 games of Lionel Scaloni’s cycle in the Argentine National Team. He is the soccer player who participated the most in this process and at the same time is the maximum symbol of this era. He is, without a doubt, the spiritual leader of his generation. Its importance exceeds football issues and reaches the field of the mood and the mind. Therefore, his probable absence in the most recent game of the last four years is a problem as unexpected as it is distressing.

Is it irreplaceable for Paul? It’s a complex answer question. From football, the squad has high-level midfielders who have already proven their ability and character to take over the national shirt. On the other hand, from an emotional point of view, his presence is unique. There will be the great collective challenge if the former Racing Club midfielder does not recover in time for Friday, something that seems very difficult.

The functions of the Atlético Madrid player are essential for Scaloni’s idea. Paul presses, has a huge deployment, associates, plays short and long and covers. There is no other soccer player who can do all this together, but there are variants for the team to balance without number 7.

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