The Christmas tree made of recyclable material was lit.


The Mayor attended the lighting of the tree that measures 14 meters and was made with 10,000 objects from the circular economy.

From now on, the nights of the city of Córdoba will be illuminated with the Christmas tree that is made entirely with recyclable and reusable products.

Mayor Martín Llaryora was present at the lighting of the lights of the Christmas work, which is located in the Plaza de la Intendencia Héroes de Malvinas.

This is the third consecutive year that the current municipal management carries out this artistic intervention, through the Ente Córdoba Obras y Servicios (COyS), within the framework of the circular economy and environmental care.

The artist Darío Pedreira was in charge of the assembly and execution of the tree that required more than 10,000 recycled objects, of different compositions, for the making of the Christmas spheres that are the main decorative element of the tree.

Before the tree was lit, a Circular Christmas day was carried out with the installation of a barter station where the neighbors exchanged their dry and clean waste, for ornaments and Christmas trees made of 100% recycled materials.

Plastic bottles, ice cream jars, various plastics, paper, glass and cardboard were some of the materials that were exchanged at the Ecopoint.

In addition, the event gave live musical numbers with Soul Bitches, the group La Corte and Dj Rami Álvarez.

It should be noted that this initiative was realized thanks to the participation of the companies Grido and Coca-Cola, such as the joint work between the private sector and the municipality.

Ecolif and Hilanda, triple-impact companies in Cordoba, are also part of this circular proposal.

A very particular tree

The artistic intervention has a height of 14 meters. More than 1,000 bottles were decorated with waste from the plastic industry such as milk containers and plastic caps; in addition to the waste from the production of lamps from the Cordoba industry and the disposal from logistics companies.

All these elements resulted in a palette of metallic colors that give a particular shine to the Christmas work.

As a crowning of the structure, the artist built a star completely covered with CD and DVD, achieving as an effect a brightness that will be the highest and most attractive visual point of the tree.

Spheres were also made with metal lags that wrap glass damajuanas, inside which will have LED lights.

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