China is seriously threatened by the drought and the strong heatwaves

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China heatwaves after 66 rivers dried up in the southwest of the country on Friday, and China issued its first nationwide drought notice of the year. The crops in China are seriously threatened by the drought and the strong heatwaves brought on by forest fires. Chinese officials declared “various additional steps” earlier this week to “help alleviate the burden of the drought,” including financial assistance, cloud seeding, and the closure of several energy-intensive enterprises.

The Washington Post referred to the problem as China’s “worst drought on record” as high temperatures dry up important stretches of the Yangtze River, harming crops and reducing supplies of drinking water for certain rural villages.

After numerous provinces endured weeks of excessive heat, a nationwide “yellow alert,” which is two notches below the most serious warning on Beijing’s scale, was issued late Thursday. Government representatives have often pointed to climate change as the root of the problem.

The intense heat in southwest China has caused up to 66 rivers across 34 counties to dry up. In addition, rainfall in southern China is 60% lower this year than it typically is at this time of year.

China’s emergency ministry released figures late Thursday showing that the high temperatures in July alone resulted in direct economic losses of 2.73 billion yuan ($400 million) and 5.5 million individuals.

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