Brittney Sharp DR Pimple Popper Obituary Cylindroma

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Brittney Sharp DR Pimple Popper Obituary Cylindroma. Numerous unique dermatological situations are frequently featured on Dr. Pimple Popper. However, the patients’ growths aren’t always reminiscent of veggies. Dr. Lee treats a patient with cylindromas on her head that resemble a cauliflower in a Season 8 episode.

The kindness and respect that Dr. Sandra Lee provides to each and every patient is much appreciated by Dr. Pimple Popper’s viewers. Anyone who walks into her office knows they are in good hands. But what will happen when Elizabeth, a patient, walks into Dr. Lee’s office with a growth that resembles a cauliflower? The doctor refers to the illness as a “cylindroma” throughout the episode.

Cylindromas are “appendage tumors of unknown histogenesis,” according to the National Library of Medicine. They could manifest as a single or many lesions. The name “turban tumor” comes from the presence of several little papules and/or huge dome-shaped nodules on the head that resemble a turban in cases of multiple tumors.

Elizabeth claims that she has spent more than 50 years residing with the cylindromas. She wears hats to conceal the ones on her head. Elizabeth further disclosed that no one else in her family had the bumps except for her and her father. Dr. Lee determines that Elizabeth’s cylindromas are genetic after evaluating her.

The benign nature of the cylindromas is good news. However, blood vessels are now passing through them. In order to remove them without causing the patient to bleed significantly, Dr. Lee must devise a method.

The cylindromas may be challenging to remove, but Dr. Lee and her team have certainly seen worse. Fans of Dr. Pimple Popper have not even seen the worst case on the program. Even devoted viewers turned their heads away when a recent program featured the “painful puss pocket.” However, Dr. Lee’s ultimate objective is to inform people about important dermatological issues.

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